Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Simple Kinder Binder

  The other day I got our one of my favorite teaching tools, my kinder binder to use for my 1st grader...  and he insisted that he wasn't doing it anymore because that was for kindergarten.   *sigh*  So now that my strong willed child has self-proclaimed he has outgrown the binder, I wanted to snap some pics and share with you guys, my home school friends, before I put it away for awhile!

 So here's a bit of backstory-
   Last year before we moved to my husband's bible college, the kiddos attended a private school for the first months of the year.  So coming into January and a new school year, we were already halfway through their first year.  I ordered the All About Reading program for my then-kinder Big Brother, but decided I didn't want to begin until the beginning of the following year, so we didn't have to rush through or to stop halfway through and pick up where we left off.  He already had some reading experience, so I wanted to give him something to work on that we could pick up whenever.  So here's the wonderful little binder I came up with!  I am putting it away to re-use for our preK year with Little Brother next year!

We began the day with a sing-song of short vowel sounds and flashcards!  I got these flashcards from My Father's World years ago when Callie was in Kindergarten, and I love them.  I suppose its just familiar to me, and really, really good memories..  but we go through with the ABC song..  "A-A-Apple... B-B-Butterfly"   I enjoy remembering doing this with my little lady, and making new memories with my guy :)

The next part of our reading lesson is using blend ladders!  I found these for free from Confessions of a Home Schooler!  I printed them on cardstock and Big Brother really enjoyed using them!  There's several so he didn't get bored with them!  It helps to learn to blend rather than read based on sight words.  

Next up, we read simple CVC words.  I made a stack of about 50 of these so we have new words often.  Simple, inexpensive, and efficient.

The other part of the binder is stacked with readers!  I change these out daily.  The paper readers are Abeka Basic Phonics Readers .   We also have some small paperback books called Phonics fun by our favorites, the Berenstain Bears!  

Supplemented with some basic worksheets and handwriting practice, this made for a fun reading program for the months of homeschooling that we had last year!  My little guy really enjoyed it, and I can't wait to reuse them with my smallest!  I hope this gave you pre-readers and beginning reader Mommies some fun ideas!  It doesn't have to be complicated, expensive or even flashy to work..  it just has to be taught with lots of TLC!  :)