Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Our US History Lessons: History of New Mexico- Josefina Montoya

   As most of you have known, the springboard for our American History studies has been the American Girls series.  At the planning period for the past year, I finally purchased Portraits of American Girlhood and I could NOT be more happy with this curriculum!  This is the perfect tool to plan how we are going to spend our days!

   My first and foremost resource I want to share is this that I found on my home school pinterest board;
Field of Dasies: Josephina study.  I found SOOO many resources on this!!!  Most of the things I'm going to share with you I found from that particular website, so just know that if you look there, this will all be familiar!  
   I really loved Josephina!  She is my favorite American girl that we have studied so far.  She's very beautiful, and her stories are rich in life and so colorful and beautiful!  
   We learned about the sort of home that Josephina lived in, the Adobe homes made of clay.  A huge outer wall with rooms surrounding the insides.  The kids loved the stories of the families living together with extended families, working and doing life together.  Its very different from the way we live today! 

 They also worked together to create an Adobe!

Also, this year we finally have a blu-ray player that has a screen that can cast from our tablets and chormebooks, so we watched several youtube videos this time around!
This video on Meet Josephina was our introduction, and one that we really enjoyed!  It really showed us a lot about the places that Josephina lived, and the type of clothing they wore!  Very decorative, ornate and fancy..  we were really intrigued!

We also liked this video on the Adobe churches in New Mexico... It shared a lot of the artwork from this time period!

For our art studies, we studied Georgia O' Keeffe.  The kids really were intrigued by her and her artwork!  They enjoyed her paintings of flowers.  She liked to paint flowers up close, 

In order to see her style and remember it, we took a trip to the local dollar store and each of the kids picked out a silk flower.  We brought them home and made a sketch of the flower up close.  It was neat to get a closer perspective of it!  I also think they will remember it for a long time to come.  We also studied some of her other artwork, and I found coloring pages online for them to color!  They found it interesting that she would take things from New Mexico, such as bones and skulls, and take them home to paint them in her own style.  

During our studies we also studied the Santa Fe trail, and how that affected trade and brought others into New Mexico.  How it brought new ideas and cultures to an area...  and how that impacted the natives.  It was also fun to share with the kiddos a beloved TV show that I used to watch years ago on the Disney channel, Zorro!  I LOVED this show, it was my favorite when I was younger!  This also gave me the opportunity to teach them some about California before it became part of the US.  

We loved reading about Josephina, about her adventures with her sister, her admiration for her aunt, and her many encounters with that goat, lol.  All in all, she was a beautiful spirited girl from a wonderful period of time in American history!  You certainly should not forget about this beautiful and fun time period when studying american history!  We certainly will never forget it!

Additional Youtube Resources on The History of New Mexico

A tour of some of New Mexicos beautiful Adobe churches, a PBS special

A PBS special about the expansion of the United States westward, and the Santa Fe Trail