Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A Day in the Life, Our Home School Day!

   I have really enjoyed reading and seeing posts from the ihomeschoolnetwork's  blog hops over the past few years!  I'm excited to actually participate in this years blog hop!  So today I will be linking up with a day in our life as home schoolers!  Yay!

   The day starts early for Mom, because that is the only time during the entire day I have to spend some quiet time!  I normally wake up between 6:30-6:45.  Between this time and 8:30, I read my devotion, sip on a breakfast shake (normally slimfast or some sort of protein shake, not much of a breakfast food person!)  Workout on my elliptical, then shower and be ready for the kids.  After my workout, I make it a point to light candles and start some soft music..  I like my kids to wake up to the calmness of a warm, quiet living room, scented candles burning, and to slip into their devotions and quiet time in a warm environment.

    I have looked high and low, but I can't find a candle that even compares to these from Bath and Body works..  They are pricey at $22.50 each!  Don't worry, I NEVER pay that much for them.  They are frequently on sale for $12.50, and I am signed up for their email list, so I generally get them even lower!  These fall candles were about $7.50 each!  Which is great, I light them and burn them constantly, they last forever, and smell amazing!  I can smell them even before I walk in my door on my front porch steps!  Wonderful!!!!

   Breakfast starts around 8:30, normally the girls are still working on their devotions and bible study at this time, so we have a quiet breakfast with the boys and work our way into school time.  Our schedule for the mornings past actually waking up and having breakfast sometimes gets all out of whack, but I try to roll with it.  The days always end up working, and they always end up a blessing.  My children are learning, so a successful day is not always a smooth day as far as scheduling goes!  But we stick to it as best as possible!

    I have found with Big Brother, its best to let him get into school at his own pace.  Sometimes he will play with shopkins or action figures on the table for thirty minutes or so.  Other times he draws little pictures..  this morning he laughed and laughed at a picture he had drawn of Donald Trump, lol...  but as long as I am patient with him, he will get to doing his work and do it well.  Each child has a binder and his has his schedule on the front and two folders inside.  One folder has all worksheets for the day, and the other has finished worksheets.  He loves doing these, and does them well independently!  I also include one reader from Abeka for him as well as one of his Bernstein bears phonics reader books daily.  Next week we will begin his All About Reading program, but as I said, I'm easing him into the school year because he has a tendency to feel overwhelmed.  First grade should never feel overwhelming.

   Lacey and Callie do independent work on their own for most of the morning. Lacey does Teaching textbooks first thing as Callie does Math U See, that frees up the television for Math U see when its Big Brother's time and the computer for his reading eggs so when he is ready we can move on to this.  The girls do better with moving from one thing to another..  then again, they have been in school a lot longer!
Little Brother enjoys coloring with us sometimes...  watching an episode of PJ Masks on youtube, or playing with our counting bears.  And always..  ALWAYS has a cape, because he's a superhero, of course!!

During the morning hours we always cover Math, Reading, Spelling, Phonics and literature.  Lacey also works on her independent history lesson during this time, since the younger kids have a heavier load for phonics and spelling.  Al of this is daily work, and we usually school Mon-Fri with a break on Thursday for Co-op meetings.

Lunchtime is after all of this, usually around 12-12:30!  After lunch, the girls clean the table and I begin winding down Little Brother for his afternoon nap.  We haven't started our Prairie Primer yet, but when that begins we will then read our Little House book for the day then I will take Little Brother into the room for his nap.  This takes awhile, lol.  He's not an easy napper, and requires music and Mama to lay with him and rub his back while he falls asleep.  I don't mind this at all..  I love this smallness and since I have older kids, I know that it is gone in a blink of an eye!  So we enjoy the time together while the bigger kids work on Heritage studies and the girls begin Grammar.  I usually end up helping with grammar after Little Brother is in dreamland.  

On Mondays and Wednesdays, we all come together for our History lesson, which is Mom's favorite!  Following History the girls work independently on their Geography lesson, and normally Big brother is done for the day at this time, which is okay.  Occasionally he will hang out for the geography lesson, especially if I have something fun to supplement in mind!
On Tuesday and Thursday after nap time we do science, which is Big Brother's favorite, and possibly the girls too.  We are currently studying Sea creatures, and we all love this study!  Tuesday after science we do Art History, which Big Brother rarely attends, but again, that is okay, its normally around 3:30 by this time, so this makes for a long school day, but again, it leaves a lot of wiggle room!
We also spend lots of evenings with acrylics and canvases, and I have to brag..  here is some of the beautiful artwork donning my home!  I certainly have some wonderful and creative children!

Lacey and Callie have their own art walls!  Callie is trying to decide what to paint for her other 8x10 canvas

Big Brother's canvas work!

Sometimes we get off schedule, and we change the schedule a LOT, but for now, this works for us as a family!  My kids also have different chore charts..  the girls have a list and Big Brother has a chart that he can check off.  He does simple chores, such as making his bed, tidying up the bedroom, arranging the pillows on the couch, picking up his dirty clothes and putting away his clean clothes, and sometimes sweeping and vacuuming.  The girls have daily chores that include dishes, cooking, cleaning, laundry..  basically everything.  I want them to be able to keep house and be responsible about it!  And they all get weekends off..  because everyone deserves a break every now and again!  

Dinner is usually around 5.  The kids are very efficient in the kitchen.  The girls are completely capable of preparing a meal on their own, and Big brother is quickly learning!  He says he wants to be a baker when he grows up, so I allow him to bake as much as possible!  

Candles are important to me as well at dinnertime, as well as music.  Normally we try to find something fun and instrumental on Pandora, Italian music on spaghetti night, something fun like salsa dancing on taco night..  we love ambiance and the time spent together!  My kids enjoy setting a table and serving..  we try to make dinnertime as special as possible!  Then there are other evenings when we sit around eating pizza out of the box.  Nobody is perfect, but we are so thankful, blessed, and love our little family and the time we spend together!!

I try to get the boys books read and in bed around nine.   The girls generally stay up later reading.  My fitbit tells me its time to wind down about ten and usually by ten thirty I'm out for the count.  The girls are allowed to read until eleven, but again- rarely make it that light.  We are an early night bunch, except for Dad, and I have no idea what time he comes to bed on weeknights!  It's a wonderful little life though, one I'm very thankful for!

Its a long, hard day, but somebody gets to live it :)

I'd love to hear your schedules!  Also, check out the ihomeschoolnetwork, where other home school families will be sharing a day in their lives as well!