Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Atlantic Beach Family Vacation

The sounds of laughter, excitement and sheer joy cannot be described as much as the day my kids saw the ocean again.  Sawyer was so little during our last beach trip he didn't know what to think of this giant sandbox complete with foam grabbing at his little toes.  

I was thankful for sunglasses so no one could see the tears filling up in my eyes.  For months I had prayed that this would happen for us.  For months I planned and prayed that somehow, someway God would find a way that our family, the poor college family that we are now, lol..  could find a way to take our babies to the coast...  and he made it happen..  and it was SUCH a blessing...

In spite of the fact that Atlantic beach and the crystal coast is almost 7 hours away compared to the 4 hour drive to Myrtle beach, we packed up our kids and took them anyway..  because..  well, there is just something incredible about those Carolina beaches that nowhere else can even touch!  

Sunday was my sweet Lacey's 15th Birthday!!  We celebrated it in my favorite place on earth, and I think now its one of hers too!   Beaufort NC is a beautiful historical town with a large shipyard, great shopping, and awesome restaurants!  Where better to spend birthday money and time with your family!!

We had lunch at the Queen Annes Revenge!  Talk about some AMAZING crab dip...  oh my!!

We also visited the NC Maritime Museum, which we loved last time.  We also got to visit the place where they make boats, last time it was raining so we didn't get to see, but the kids really enjoyed it!!

Afterward, we headed to Emerald Isle.  Stephen and I found this little gem during our say and couldn't wait to bring the kids to the Sweet Spot!  There's so many neat flavors of ice cream!

And lots, lots and lots of Taffy!

Then we spent the evening with a cookie cake by the pool and grilled hot dogs!

This beach trip we didn't cram as much into as we did the first time we came two year ago.  We also really enjoyed Atlantic beach.  We have been at Emerald Isle twice, and I have to say Atlantic beach is more convenient to the things that we enjoy doing.  It also was as uncrowded as it is at Emerald Isle, so we really very much enjoyed this spot!  We spent a lot of time just lounging by the beach in the mornings, and the pool in the evenings.  I'm not sure what the kids liked best...

Sawyer insisted that Batman came alone on the trip.  It was okay, he didn't cost much to feed...

Yes, I had sand on my face...  lol

 This was the first vacation my husband could spend a lot of time fishing on the beach.  I think its his new favorite thing in the world...

We also visited the NC State Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores 

And took the ferry to Harker's Island to visit the Cape Lookout Lighthouse and Shakleford Banks

This is always my favorite part.  The kids had never been to Shakleford banks before, so it was an awesome experience.
Leaving was bittersweet.  We were all a little tired, but we were so thankful for our time.  The weather was perfect, it didn't rain but one time for maybe two minutes at 8pm one night..  I've never been to the beach with perfect weather before then.  God was sooo good to us and blessed us so much with this vacation!  I loved spending the time with my family, and I can't wait until our next vacation.