Monday, June 6, 2016

A Vacation at Home, and a Birthday!

   I've heard of stay-cations and I'm a big fan :)  But this wasn't exactly that kind of vacation..  but a vacation for my kids nonetheless!

    This year instead of a family vacation, hubby and I are vacating alone for our anniversary.  So I wanted to do something really special for the kids as part of their summer 'vacation'.  After much thought, I decided- why not do a vacation back in our hometown?  
   We moved from our little home in the mountains six months ago..  that doesn't even seem possible that much time has passed since we got to Fruitland.  Six months..  two quarters of school.  How in the world did that go by so quickly?  A vacation back 'home' is easy..  we have family to stay with, but since we don't really live there anymore, it really does feel like a vacation.  It was refreshing, exhausting, and fun, lol!  

    The first evening we spent cooking out at my sisters and making smores :)  It was nice seeing my nieces again, and my baby niece Norah is quite a fan of smores and toated marshmallows!  
   We planned to spend the next day at the lake, which was always one of my favorite ways to spend hot summer days back in the mountains..  but much to my displeasure we found out the lake didn't open until the following week..  SO, we decided to do the waterpark instead...  and that was probably mine and the kids favorite part of the entire week!!

    The bigger my kids get, the easier and more fun things like this start to be!  As much as I love their smallness, it is quite fun to enjoy them doing 'big kid' things.  Sawyer did great too, even though he's the smallest of the Duncan clan.  He got brave with his life jacket and even went down the kiddie slides all by himself a few times!!  Norie loved it too, especially the shaved ice lol!

   At around 4, Norah and Sawyer were tired, so my Mom and sister took them home while me and the big kids stayed to play until closing time.  They had so much fun.  I was sitting on the edge of the pool watching them go down the slide and I caught myself laughing out loud.  I thought- it makes me SO happy to see them happy-  and more than once I decided that was one of the best moments of my life.  I love my kids..  and love to see them having fun!  This makes me excited for more waterparks..  amuzement parks..  things they can't do when they are little but have so much fun when they get bigger.  I always thought my heart would shatter when my little bits weren't so little anymore.  Turns out, I enjoy them just as much with each growing year as I ever did..  I miss their smallness, but I am so ecstatically happy about who they are becoming, that I can embrace them growing up...  God blessed me with them, so very much!

    The next day was my Dad's day off, so for his gift for the boys birthdays, he decided to visit the local Hands On Museum with them!

   The hands on there is a little bigger than the one we have here, and with different exhibits, which was exciting for the kids!  From the play grocery stores, bank and weather station to the boats and giant bubbles..  the kids had a ball!!!

      Thursday was our only 'down' day.  Me and Lacey got to spend the day with my sweet Norie bug while Mom and the older kids went to Bristol.  It was enjoyable and restful, I didn't realize how tired I was until Thursday!
   Friday my sweet baby turned 3 :)  Of course we celebrated with breakfast cupcakes, since I didn't have my kitchen to make pancakes...  then we spent the day in Boone eating at Applebees and shopping for birthday presents!!

    HE really didn't know what to think when all the servers began singing Happy Birthday to him, his face was priceless!  He did like the ice cream they brought him though!

    Saturday morning it all hit me at once.  Stephen got there Friday night, but Saturday morning I woke up really sick.  It was a hard morning, and even harder at the party..  but we still pulled it off, and he enjoyed a party with his little friends from back at home.  It was a nice party, even if Mama didn't feel so good.

Sawyer was pumped to get a shirt that matched his Daddy's!  This is why his
 Daddy is the best Daddy :)

   All in all, it was a great week!  As exhausted as I was, the kids had a wonderful time, and really enjoyed all of the things that we did for them.  I think the waterpark was the biggest hit, and certainly something we will be doing again this summer!  I'm so thankful for my beautiful kids, for my extended family and the opportunity to visit them, and for good enough health to be able to do these things with my kiddos.  God is good!!!