Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Springtime in Pictures

   Welcome to spring!!!
   Isn't spring wonderful?  When we start to thaw out...  unpack our bright colored clothes, clean up our homes in anticipation of spending more time outdoors, plant flowers.  Unpack our sandals and paint our toenails.  Spring brings the anticipation of newness, the thoughts of new beginnings, partially from the new life that springs forth from nature, and partially because we are shaking off the cold of winter and getting out and about more often.  Spring is wonderful, and this spring has indeed been very good to us!


   Easter was wonderful.  We made the trip back up the mountain to spend time with family.  We dyed Easter eggs with my sister and her family, which we have done together for years.  I'm thankful that the move hasn't interfeared with that tradition.  

    My sweet babies looked quite dapper in their Easter outfits!  We attended our little home church back up the mountain for Easter Sunday.  The Pastor asked my husband to perform his first communion Easter Sunday, and that was a blessing!  Truly, God has been so good to us, and we are so thankful for that sweet little church that has poured their love out to our family through this whole journey!!

My, how they have grown....

We got to spend the rest of the rainy evening with family..  hunting eggs at my Moms and Stephen's Mom's house, and having Easter dinner.  It was wonderful to spend time with family, they truly are such a blessing to me!!

   At the beginning of April, we took our first 'trip' of the year!  My Dad, both of my sisters and their hubbys, and my two nieces all traveled to Asheboro to visit the zoo!  We added a little fun with an overnight trip so the kiddos could spend some time in the swimming pool (The big kiddos- meaning my Dad, hubby and Brothers) played even more than the little kids lol!  It was so awesome to spend time with all of them together, and we really enjoyed the zoo!!!  It's so fun now that the kiddos are bigger..  and Callie says she would do absolutely anything to work there!  It was a day full of wonderful memories!  I certainly love all of these people!!!

   See all our zoo pics here :)

    We also had some wonderful times around our new home.  As the weather is getting warmer, we are able to get out and about a little more often.  We are discovering the new things, and we really like it here!  We have gotten to know our neighbors and all the families on campus, and being here has became a big blessing to our family!!   We have lots of parks and playgrounds..  we have visited Lake Lure and are excited about some of the things we have found to do this summer!  We are really enjoying this sweet little area, there's just so much to do!  

    At the end of April I once again made a trip up to the mountains.  We spent my Moms' birthday with her.  She got very teary eyed when my sweet little Sawyer sang Happy Birthday to her at the top of his lungs.  He's grown up so fast!!!  I also had the privlege to take pics of my *little* cousin as he went to his junior prom!!  I have no idea how he got so big so fast..  but I really enjoyed doing his photos, its been awhile!  I also enjoyed meeting Shelby.  She is very sweet!  Its hard to believe he's old enough to have a girlfriend- lol, but they really are so cute together!!!

    On May 8 Hudson turned 7!  So we celebrated on the day before with a small party at the house.  A few of our family came down, and our neighbors joined us.  It was small but nice, Hudson was excited to have everyone come to his house!  He's very much a home body :)

For the first time ever I didn't get a good photo of the cake :(  It was the Good Dinosaur, and we also had Inside Out cupcakes.  :)  

And as per Duncan family tradition- you always, ALWAYS get sprinkle pancakes with a candle for your birthday breakfast :)  Even if its Sunday morning and Mama has to get up super early to get everyone out the door for Sunday school.  :)  I love this little boy....

All in All, the spring has been wonderful to us!  It's been very warm!  Like summer back in the mountains- so we are wondering what the summer is going to be like..  likely- very, very hot!  At least we have AC here..  we have never used it before other than window units lol!  

    Stephen also began his first ministry job since being in school here!  He is interning as youth pastor at French Broad Baptist Church.  The position is until June, and so far he is really enjoying it!  It's not been an easy run since he is also still working fulltime, and going to school fulltime, but so far we have really been blessed by being at the church!  We are also still attending and loving Ebeneezer when there is no service at French Broad, and are so blessed to continue to be a part of that church as well.  Stephen was actually asked to preach there a few weeks ago on Sunday evening, and he did the best job he has ever done.  It's amazing how much just being in school for a few weeks has impacted him..  he was a great preacher before, this has just given him more depth!  I can't wait to hear him preach again- I enjoyed it so much!
    We also joined a home school group!  I was hesitant to join near the end of the school year, but this is a group which is headed by a woman I met at church, and we really enjoyed it!  The kids made flower pots and sugar scrub for Mothers day at our first meeting.  It's a really good size group of kids- not to big but not too small.  We really enjoyed it!!

    We are so blessed, and I am so excited to see what summer brings!  Thank you guys for catching up with us!  Lots of love!!