Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mothers Day!!

     I am one of those people who think entirely too much :)  You've gathered that so far I'm certain.  On a day like today, I like to reflect on Mothers Day.  The first memories I have of understanding Mothers day is of church.  In the churches where we are from, often the church gives gifts to the Mothers, and special gifts to some Moms.  The youngest Mom.  The oldest Mom.  The one with the most children.  A few more, but those are the ones that I remember.  We applauded for the Moms, and gave our own Moms hand painted flower pots and hand prints.   As I got older, Mothers day became more fun.  It was a day when I got to go out to dinner with my Mom, and we had a great time.  I got old enough to work and was able to buy gifts.  It was a day not only to show her appreciation, but to actually contemplate just how much she did for me.  It's awesome that they set aside a day- not because of the gifts, but because it is a good day to set aside to think about just how much the work of Mom takes.  Its a day you reflect, a day you remember, and a day you think about the one person who is normally the one in the background..  the wind beneath our wings..  the one who does so much of the hard work when nobody is looking.  It's Mama.  Mommy.  That one woman who means the whole world to you...
    I sat bent on my knees in the dollar store as I looked through card after card...  trying to find the perfect one for the Mommies in my life.  One of my sons was very attached at the hip, and was pulling his sisters hair and hitting her on the nose, reaching out to me.  My older son was apparently playing with a pool noodle behind me when he knocked a little hanging rack off the end of the aisle.  All the while, my daughter was play shooting me with some sort of pool toy..  over and over again.  I still piled through the cards, heartfully reading each one..  when a lady beside me gave me a particularly nasty look.  It didn't phase me.  I needed to find my card..  and this..  this is Motherhood.

   I think about the seasons of Motherhood, and what those mean to others.  I remember those seasons of spending time and appreciating my Mother, and how precious those times were.  I also remember the seasons of being a young mother, when my marriage was rocky and our church attendance was sparse...  My son was born around Mothers day, and I remember well going out to eat with a baby only a few days old, no appetite, very sleep deprived and sore... but my husband took me out anyway.  In those early years, I didn't have much time to reflect.  I had no time to myself, and I was really muddling through the trenches of motherhood, one exhausted day after another.
   This Mothers day was shared with my sons seventh birthday.  We allowed birthday to trump Mother's day, because well, you only turn seven once!  So we dined at CiCis pizza, lol!  (To be fair, Saturday evening I was able to spend an amazing evening out to eat with my Mom, sister and Mother in Law, and it was one of the best nights out I've had in a long time!  And my hubby is sweetly bringing me Boneless wings tonight, since I was too tired to go out to dinner, haha!  I know..  my weight watchers app is gonna hate me...)  But I was surprised at the number of Mom's who were there.  LOL.  I remember at one point, I looked at the screaming toddler in the corner, the pile of cavatappi on the floor, and the Grandmother patiently walking the poorly dressed toddler to the bathroom while the frazzled Mom had three or four bites of salad in peace..  I realized something about Motherhood.  A bible verse came to mind...

1 Corinthians 13:4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

   That hit me, hard.
   That is it!  That is Motherhood.  EXACTLY!  God described it perfectly!  Although, he wasn't talking about Motherhood.  He was talking about Love.  How love should be.  True, unconditional love.  Thats when it made perfect sense.  I always wondered, in all his glory, in all of his goodness..  as he loves these precious babes even more than I could ever imagine..  he gave them to Me and called me their Mom.  Why?  Why would he do that?  Why is Motherhood a requirement?
   Because it teaches us to love like that.
   It endures all.  It is the kind of love that still loves someone after they say something nasty, throw their entire plate of pasta on the floor, break the toy that you saved up to buy, and forces you to tell them two, eight, fifteen..  and more times, over and over again the same thing.  This training them up, this day-in, day-out reminding, forming good habits that will last a lifetime.  Teaching them to be good steward of their life, their bodies, their belongings..  the blessings God has given them.  That is what love truly is.  If I could learn to love my husband half as selflessly as I love my children, we would have the perfect marriage.
   Maybe by the time we raise four kids I'll have that figured out :)  
   So I am so thankful, for my sweet, amazing children..  and for the discipleship that comes from Motherhood.  The greatest ministry God will ever place me in.  The most demanding, life changing, rewarding and blessed commissions he could ever have given me is Motherhood.  So you see- they mean just as much to me in my spiritual walk as I do to them..  if not more.  They are my greatest blessing, and the greatest impact in my life.  They will teach me to love better, to be more patient and more kind.  To endure more, to delight in truth and light.  They are leading me closer to God with every single day than I ever could have gotten myself.  
   So to the Mom who is in the trenches..  to the Mom who thinks they don't have enough time to spend in their devotions, to themselves, on your own hopes and dreams..  just know that Motherhood is going to change you, its going to grow you, and its going to be the greatest thing you've ever done- for you and for your children.  Embrace it!  Give it everything you have!  Know that this is Gods choice for you life, and that he has so much to teach you through this journey!  Endure.  It gets easier..  don't listen to anything people say- if you raise your kids right, it DOES get easier, because they will return to it when they are older.  Love them.  Learn to love through them, and appreciate them as much as they appreciate you.  Motherhood is a blessing, and you are so blessed!!!
  God bless everyone with the title of Mother.  I hope and pray all of you are blessed greatly and appreciated so much through this day!  I'm thankful for each of you who read my silly words.  And Happy birthday to my sweet, Amazing little boy.  I love you, Big as the Sky!!!  

Happy Mothers day, beautiful Mommy!  Keep up the good work!!!