Wednesday, April 13, 2016

New Ministry Position

I had some exciting news to share with all of you wonderful friends who have been praying for us.  Since my family and I arrived here in January, life has been so different.  Stephen transitioned into a student so well, and he's a good student.  He loves being a student of the word, and he's learned so much in just the short time we have been here, its been such a blessing.
  It hasn't been easy, making the transition.  He went from being home after work with no further commitments to having so many commitments and working fulltime on top of that.  We went from having family stop in every so often, here and there...  to spending several days alone.  After winter was over and things began to warm up, we started venturing out and met all of our neighbors.  It's been a true blessing!  We realized we actually really enjoy getting to know new people.  Where we are from that doesn't happen very often, lol.  Just in comparison, the population of the county we came from was 17,713. The population of where we are now is 109,540.  That's a lot more people, lol.  Sometimes God puts you out of your comfort zone to teach you to find yourself..  like going from a house with land and a few neighbors to literally sharing a backyard with someone...  and it makes you realize that you really are a lot more social than you thought you may be.  :)
   Since we have been here, we have found that several students work primarily in ministry roles while they are here.  We are so blessed that my husband has a good job, and works for a good company.  We are even more blessed that his job transferred so we never had to lose any income going into this transition.  Yet he still longed so much for a ministry cenetered job.  Somewhere he could apply what he is learning, somewhere he can be led by example by Godly mentors.  We were so blessed and fortunate to have fallen upon the church we have been going too!  He has met a lot of amazing, Godly men that I know will be a part of our life and ministry for years to come.  But I do have some exciting news!!!\

   For the past few weeks, my husband has been working as an intern at a church here in Hendersonville!  It's only a temporary position, but still yet, its something new and exciting for our family!  So far, they really enjoy him.  Even temporary positions are something when you are in the ministry, because they have the potential to leave their mark forever.  I hope that he can use this time to share his heart for the youth, to share his relationship with God with them!  He is so excited to be serving again, it seems like it has been so so long.  Which is okay, God knew the time we needed to just be still and learn.  It is a bigger church, which is exciting, we have been to so many churches and we love small churches, but its also fun to be a part of a bigger church, and churches down here are big :)  We have prayed for an opportunity to serve again, and I'm so thankful that he has heard and answered our prayers!  Youth ministry has been something so strong on Stephen's heart for years now.  He enjoys working with young people and has such a burden for them in their walk, mostly because of what he went through as a teenager and young adult.  I'm certain that he is going to do a wonderful job, and touch many lives throughout the internship, and learn some wonderful things in the process!

Playing on the playground after Wednesday services...

Lacey and sawyer!  french broad has a beautiful view!  

Hubby trying to keep up with the young guys, playing ball after youth servies..  he's in the pink shirt lol!  
Playing basketball 

   Remember us in your prayers, and I will continue to share our stories here.  Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your love.  Blessings!

   I'm so proud of, and so in love with this man.  Congratulations +Stephen Duncan , I love you so much baby!