Thursday, March 31, 2016

Once Upon a Time

   Once upon a time... There was a girl who loved pictures.  She got her first Polaroid when she was 9 and was instantly in love. 
   This girl became the keeper of the memories.  She realized that sometimes looking at a picture could bring everything back... Overwhelming vivid memories.  She remembered a photograph of her grandparents back yard.  The sandbox... The still under coonstruction clubhouse... And could remember that day down to the sounds and smells that circled in the air.  Small photographs and memories that were irreplaceable... And she found the magic in a moment.... And was fascinated. 
    Obviously... This girl was me.  I grew up... As did the art of photography.  The days of putting those little rolls of memories in plastic cans and sending them away for a few weeks shortened to days.  Then hours.  Soon digital photography revolutionized the art and we were instantly capturing images.  The perfect image.
    I got my first 'professional' camera in 2010..  and I loved every second of having it...  I captured friends... family..  but I also captured what I loved best..  my sweet babies.

So many years have passed since I first picked up the camera and was ready to take on the world...
I had so many ups and downs trying to run a photography 'business'.  I loved it, I honestly felt like I wasn't working a lot of the time, because I loved it so much. I made good money.  I will always love photography.

That was before the times of smartphones, and honestly, the time of the smartphone has thrown me for a loop.  Which comes as a surprise to no one...

  I'm very non-directional, I could get lost anywyere.  I love being able to get photos of my sweet baby niece no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing.  I love sending videos.
   I love my smartphone.
   But the idea of a smartphone has replaced SO much in my life.  I've wasted hours of my life scrolling through a facebook feed or going down the instagram rabbit hole.  I've started at a screen while my children were talking to me- unintentionally making them feel like they are somewhat less valuable than a phone.
   Also- I have changed the art of photography into something ordinary- and I hate that.
   I hate my smartphone.

    I miss this.  This baby being a baby, (This is Hudson, by the way...) and I miss these photos..  the ones that take time and speak so much louder than something that is just captured through a small camera in the palm of my hand.
     I want more pictures like these...  and less from my smartphone.

I want to spend more time looking at them, and less time looking at a screen...

I want to share our photos, our lives...  in bits and pieces..  in beautiful pictures.  Memories that can last a lifetime!  I decided last year as I compiled our birthday pictures books that I needed to take birthday pictures with my camera, because taking them with my phone cheapened them, and birthdays are so super special, especially when you are 3, 7, 10 and 15..  birthdays are something special..  pictures are something special.  I need pictures that mean something.

   Luckily, I spent Easter taking beautiful photos of my children and my nieces...  ones that I can't wait to share.  I have decided this year to be intentional- about Mothering, about Marriage, and now, about photography.  I don't advertise much other than a website...( if you're interested..)  I still enjoy it, and what better subjects than the ones God gave me?

So follow along if you like!  I've decided to share here rather than on social media (no more instagram- again.  Sorry folks..  I'm just strange like that...)  I hope that you will enjoy sharing our moments, I enjoy sharing them with you!!!

Welcome, to our silly life.  God is Good, all the time...  All the time, God is Good.



  1. I'm so glad you shared their pictures !!! I feel like I can still be apart of them growing up that way !!! I love you the very mostess 💕

    1. you have always been and always will be a part of them growing up ;) We love you!