Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Homeschool: Science

   Hi there!  Another home school post!  I wanted to share with you today what we use in school for Science!  Our favorites, not so much favorites, and all that jazz :)

   Science is something that I really enjoy, but don't seem to be very good at teaching!  At least not in the early years.  In the beginning of our home school journey, when I just had one kindergartener at home, we worked through the books from My Fathers World.  She enjoyed them, she even told me the other day she remembered a lesson from when she could not have been more than six of the moon and how it was a reflection.  She enjoyed it!  We used this little book, and just went through it one page at a time...

   As we moved on through the grades, we started needing just a little more with our science curriculum...  so we switched to Ken Hamms Answers in Genesis..  I have LOVED AIG for years and years, I love their magazines, I love hearing him speak, I love all their articles..  I just love his ministry, so it was a blessing to use it as a science curriculum!

This was a great curriculum.  The chapters were short, easy to read and easy to understand.  It was inexpensive, and the kids really loved it.  I enjoyed the creation based accounts of how the earth came to be, and the kids enjoyed the worksheets.  It is a great curriculum and I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a science curriculum!

This year, we decided to try something new, so I finally tried to check into the Apologia science curriculum..  and I'm SO glad that I did!!!

My kids love sea creatures. The aquarium is one of their favorite places, and they love the Disney Oceans movie.  This was a perfect fit for us this year, and I have found in it my new favorite science curriculum!!!
I actually found this second hand at homeschoolclassifieds.com, and purchased the notebooking journals from Amazon.  I am so pleased with this curriculum!  It is a Christian based curriculum, and I love how they integrate God into the teachings.  Again, the lessons are easy to read, but they are a little longer than AIG.  But its still a good lesson, we enjoy them very much!  The notebook journals are a great way to keep the kids interactive with the lessons!  I have very artistically driven children, so its especially helpful for them!!!

I can't say enough about Apologia!  It's absolutely my favorite, across the board.  What are your favorite science curriculum?

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