Wednesday, February 10, 2016

2015... A Year in Pictures

   Wedding photos are by: Kayla's Wedding: / and
Emily's Wedding:

So since I've been MIA for most of the time during 2015 (well, and we are well into 2016 now lol!)  I thought I would share some of my favorite pics from 2015!!  It was a BIG year for us!  Both of my sisters got married, my sweet Norah was born!  It was incredible..  and most you missed a lot of it..  so here you go!
  Disclaimer...  the photos from the wedding are not my photos!  They are from other photographers, you should check them out!
  Kayla's Wedding:
  Emily's Wedding:

And the rest are my personal photos.

It was a wonderful 2015!

January- Kayla and Brandon say I Do!!!

  March 2015- Emily and Maurice say I Do!

2 New brothers in one year!! :) 
My sisters and me at Kayla's baby shower in the spring!


Summer fun at Wildcat Lake!

July- Independence day!

 And Maternity Pictures :)

 And summer photos...  oh my how they grow!

 July 23rd, 2015...  my sweet Norah Hazel was born!!

 And grows and grows...  so fast....  my sweet girl...

 In the fall, we play soccer! And Daddy coaches...

And in 2015, my babies went to 'big school'...  Oh how Mommy missed them!  But they loved it!

We celebrated families and birthdays..  and all in all, had a wonderful year!

My Daddy is a twin!  What a treasure, to always have someone to share a birthday with!

And we began 2016 and new adventures!  Hopefully I will keep up a little better this year!  Thanks for stopping by!