Thursday, January 7, 2016

Books: Hope for the Heart of the Home School Mom


   Some days, we just need to know we aren't the only homeschool Mom in the whole wide world.  Lol.
   It's easy to feel this way, since we live a life that is so different than the norm.  We have a lot of time to think, we have a lot of time to imagine...  not because we aren't busy!  Just because we are home.  We also have a lot of time to be discontent, to be so giving we forget to give to ourselves..  and just run ragged.  I love these small daily reminders that we are not alone, that someone else out there feels the same things we feel, and that those feelings are perfectly normal!
   I read this book in a couple of weeks as somewhat a devotional style.  A chapter a day.  It was a great book, especially to start the day out.  My favorite part is her ideas.  Throughout the book, she gives us practical ideas to home school, to keep our hearts in check, and to connect with our children.  It's funny how sometimes we can disconnect from those that we spend all of our time with!  This book was a wonderful reminder!
   Here is one of my favorite passages:
    "Pray, seek, ask, knock.
    Lift your children up in prayer to the One whom created them for His purpose and predestined you to have authority over them for this season.  What a privilege we have to be used by Him to usher these eternal souls toward the throne of His grace.  He will give you wisdom as to what each child needs specifically to reach their hearts for Him."

  If you're looking for something simple to read, a daily reminder, or just something to pull you out of a rut, I recommend this book to you!  It's a blessing!

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