Friday, January 9, 2015

Time4Learning Review!

   This year we really revamped our home school curriculum and pretty much changed everything about it.  I abandoned my normal one set curriculum rule and created one fit for each of my children, and so far we've been really enjoying that better!  No two kids are the same, and its hard to find a curriculum to fit them all, especially this year (I have a kinder, a 2nd grader and a 7th grader!)
  In our search for what works best, I am trying to learn the styles of learning of each of my children and what works best.  We decided on trying Time4Learning, and I was given a free month for all of my children to review!

   I really love the interface of Time4Learning!  It seems easy to navigate, and it keeps great record of your child's progress!  I'm not very good at record keeping, so its great that it does that for me.  Also I can log in and see how the kiddos are doing anytime, I really like that!  I also like the fact that it also has worksheets that can go along with some of the lessons, so if you were using this as a stand along curriculum, which we would not be..  there would also be some paper work time to do, which I think is very important.  

The games were interactive and very fun for the kids.  Some of the characters are repeated but some aren't.  They really seemed to enjoy going through the lessons in some ways, and in others they differed in opinions.  

   The unfortunate part, right on the second week of our free trial, our pipes busted in the home we were renting, so we had to move.  By the time we got settled I only had a week left in our free trial.  It was very unfortunate because I really wanted the kids to use it completely for a month to see if it was something worth incorporating into our daily lessons.  However, when we got moved in I did let the kiddos use it as much as we could, to get a good review.

Lacey only did one of the math lessons, so it would not be good for me to do a review for her.  Its still something we are strongly considering, especially to supplement her Life of Fred books that she's doing, for the remainder of the year to prepare her for testing,  I will likely sign up for a month for her, to see how it goes.

Callie has never been a fan of learning online, although she does like some of the lessons and looks forward to some of the games, she really prefers book work.  She must get that from her Daddy, who refused to read on my kindle, because its not a 'real book'... lol.  I love my kindle, btw.  

Hudson is really the one we are very much considering purchasing the program for.  He LOVES the computer and playing computer games, and he actually learned a lot from the trial, and used it far more than the girls did.  He was learning letter sounds well before teh end of the trial.  We use computer time each day for him anyway, and Time4Learning is far more comprehensive than any other online program that we have looked into!

All in all, I was very impressed with the program, and I only wish we could have better utilized our free trial!  Hopefully we can get Hudson signed up soon, and I can review a little better afterward!  Thank you, Time4Learning for allowing my kids to test it out!