Sunday, December 28, 2014

2nd Annual Whobilation!

The Holiday Whooby Whatey?  LOL

Last year we began our holiday celebrations at my aunt's home with the first ever Greene family Whobilation celebration!  Julie is my Dad's twin sister.  She, her husband Tom, and their sons, Will and John are wonderful hosts, and a lot of fun!  We all donned our holiday best, and in the tradition of the Whos, joined the whoville celebration!

My little guy was a toy soldier :)  Hudson an elf, and Callie and Lacey were decked out with holiday spirit!

My sweet niece-to-be Everly was festive as well!

 Julie (My Dad's sister) and her husband Tom are the best hosts in Whoville!

My Baby Sister and her sweet little family!!!  

The Fudge contest was awesome, with several entries!  As per norm, cousin Kelly dominated, but Kayla and Grandma also took home second and third place!

Cousins Ryan and Jackie White are almost exactly the same age as Hudson and Callie.  Jackie was born three months after Callie, and Ryan two months before Hudson!  It's always a joy to spend time together!

Thing One and Thing Two...

And even Cindy Lou!

But nobody was prepared for the winner of the costume contest..  My Amazing Daddy, as the infamous cousin Eddie!

My sister, the hairdresser also had an awesome costume idea...  Rudolph in the front...  and the back

Hudson was VERY excited about Santa, lol, as you can clearly see!  Santa's visit always brings smiles, even to Sawyer whose a big unsure of Santa at this time!  And lots of gifts to all that were nice!

OR maybe just a tad naughty :)  LOL!
Lacey dominated the candy opening with gloves contest so much that she was blindfolded!  and.  still one lol!

It was an amazing visit and one of our most favorite holiday traiditions!  We are already looking forward to next year!  Merry Christmas to all!!!!