Sunday, December 28, 2014

2nd Annual Whobilation!


Last year we began our holiday celebrations at my aunt's home with the first ever Greene family Whobilation celebration!  Julie is my Dad's twin sister.  She, her husband Tom, and their sons, Will and John are wonderful hosts, and a lot of fun!  We all donned our holiday best, and in the tradition of the Whos, joined the whoville celebration!

   My Sawyer was a toy soldier!  And Everly was in true Who holiday style!

And of course, my sister the hairdresser had her cute hair idea, she was Rudolph, a bit backward!

"Cousin Eddie" aka my Dad (LOL!) spending time with two of his son-in-laws, made everyone laugh so hard they couldn't breathe when he came in the door!!!

From soldiers to elves, to Whos and athletes...  my family all joined in on the fun this year!

Among the other guests were Thing 1 and Thing 2, and Cindy Lou Who!

As well as our Aunt and Cousins from Boone, with their precious littles, Jackie and Ryan, who are lmost the same age as Callie and Hudson!

Daddy's "Cousin Eddie" took home the best costume contest, and he rightfully should!  LOL Here is is with Julie, his twin sister!  

Kelly once again took home the prize for the best Holiday fudge!  She's just that good folks lol!  She and Kayla both tried their hand at Pina Colada fudge, and Kayla came in third!  Grandma's chocolate fudge was second!  Here are our fudge winners!!!

Brandon's moose mug gift just made the Cousin Eddie attire complete!!!  

The kiddos had a ball trying to open hershey kisses with their hands...  Hudson melted down but with persaverance (and a little help from Kayla...)  he finally succeeded!  All is better when you have chocolate!  

Lacey was our winner and undefeated champ!!!  

Even after she was blindfolded and handed a Christmas ball...  LOL!  She finally figured it out!  

Then...  there was a knock at the door....

Hudson was just a little bit excited to see Santa!  Haha!

Santa was wonderful, helping the children open their gifts, giving them hugs and posing for pictures!  He was very kind to all those who have been nice all this year...

And some who were naughty!

It was a treasured and wonderful celebration!  I'm so thankful to have each and every one of these wonderful people in my life!  Until next year, my who friends!!!