Sunday, August 10, 2014

Something amazing

  A few months ago in childrens church Callie told me that she had asked Jesus into her heart.  Ever since then she's been so inquisitive.  I wasn't sure if she had really gotten it then, and was just learning, or if she was just taking the steps to understanding.  Shellie told me that day that she had lots of questions, so we've had several heart to hearts about it.  She just wasn't sure, and I wasn't sure if she really understood.  I never told her whether or not she was saved, I celebrated with her and told her how proud I was of her.  When she told me she wasn't sure of it, I told her that only God knew if she was or not, and that he would let her know if she wasn't one day.  I told her that faith was the key to salvation, and if she believed in her heart she was saved, then that's what the Bible said, that she was saved, but only she knew that.  I know that confused her, but I'm not one who would wish to tell her one way or another...  its confusing when its with a child because you aren't truly sure what they understand, and what they don't.
  Last night, Callie, Stephen and I watched Gods not Dead. She watched it so intently.  It was such a great movie.  We were all really into it, but I was surprised at how intense it was for Callie.  Stephen ended up singing along with the Newsboys at the end and praying throughout their song.  It was a very moving time for us in our living room.  I was near tears of joy, just listening to the music and allowing my heart to praise my God.  It was awesome.
  After the movie Stephen went to shave. Callie asked if I would talk to her.  The second I said yes, she burst into tears.  She was crying so hard she was literally sobbing.  It took me awhile to realize what she was saying, but she was saying that she knew God was dealing with her, and that it was her chance to get saved and she had to do it.  I asked her if she knew what it meant..  and she said that she had sinned so much.  I burst into tears.   I grew so nervous.  I had never done this before.  This was when my husband was supposed to come in the room, this is where the preacher steps in..  I kept saying.  I heard the shower running, and I panicked.  A preachers wife is not supposed to do this..  this was my little girl, and I knew that she was under conviction..  and I didn't know what to do.  I held my breath and told God he would have to take it from here, because I didn't know what to do..  I allowed tears to stream down my face as I explained to her what sin was, and that sins cost was death.  She knew, she repeated to me what she had learned in childrens church and Sunday school, and she was right.  I explained to her that God loved us so much, that he wanted all of us to be in heaven with us.  I explained it over and over again, making certain that she got it.  Through tears she repeated it to me, with full understanding in her sweet little heart.  I told her about Jesus, how Jesus stepped up and said he would take her sin and pay for it, so she didn't have too, and again she sobbed, hard...  she said she loved God, she yelled she loved him SO SO SO much and that she wanted to be with him in Heaven.  I told her to tell God she had sinned, that she was sorry, and that she understood that someone had to pay for that..  and she did, and she understood, I know she did. I told her that she had to pray from this point on, that I could not help her..  she prayed the sweetest, most repentive prayer I have ever heard, I never thought a child was capable of such a prayer.  She asked God if he would save her, and that he would come live in her heart so she could live for him and be with him in Heaven.  Then she smiled at me.  A smile that lit up the dark room.  She beamed with happiness.
   I pressed my hand against her chest and asked her if she believed in her heart that Jesus died for her sins.  She smiled so brightly as she said Yes.  I put my finger on her sweet little lips, and asked if she would confess it with her mouth, and she told me that she believed Jesus died for her sins..  and that she was saved.
   Guys..  my little girl got saved last night.  :)  I'm not sure if she got saved back then and reaffirmed it last night, but from her prayers, I really believe she did.  She believes she did, and she has all the faith in the world that she asked her Heavenly father to save her and that he did!  The time doesn't matter, just that she confesses that she is..  and I'm so, so blessed!
   We went to tell Dad.  He smiled as he stepped out of the bathroom.  He said that God had told him before he left the room that his little girl was going to get saved, but he also told him that he wasn't the one who was supposed to lead her..  and that's why he turned the shower on.  I couldn't contain how happy i was..  how amazing it was to see someone step into the light, to see someone change as they accept Jesus, to see their hearts go from repentance, to see the weight of sin press down on their lives, and to see them light up the minute God lifts that burden from them, takes it away, and holds them..
  I've never really seen it in that light before.
   Its amazing...

   This morning the first thing she said it, "I am so happy Mommy.  I get to go to Heaven!"
   Its the most amazing moment of my life.
   A few months ago, the same thing happened to Lacey.  So the good thing about this house, is that right there on that old couch, both of my girls asked Jesus into their hearts.  Now, its just time for their Daddy to baptise them.  :)  Soon, I'm praying.

  I'm so thankful for this little girl.  She has such a big heart, and she will make an amazing addition to those who serve God, because Callie never does anything with half of her heart.  Pray for her, pray that she will cease this and that she will never lose that joy in her salvation.  I'm so greatful that God gave her to me.