Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Hard Day- Guest post by Amanda

Blessings come and blessings go
Of that you can be sure. 
Often, though, I stop and ask
"What is the struggling for?"
I grow so tired of trials.
Where is the silver lining?
How are my days cloudy and damp,
When the Son is still shining?
I could question things forever,
But what difference does that make?
For The Lord, our God, did not promise
Life would be a piece of cake. 
Yes, I will grow weary
And I will question why
Life must be full of sorrows,
Tears, and one endless sigh. 
If my heart is full of worry
How can faith continue to grow?
But if I keep my heart full of faith
All that weary will have to go. 


-This is a Guest post by my beautiful friend, +Amanda Cantrell