Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emerald Isle Vacation 2014 Days One and Two

We started the day out early on Saturday, the day after my 30th Birthday (Happy Birthday to me lol)  We had breakfast when we met with Nana and Pa in Spruce Pine and ended up on the road around nine.  We had good travel graces, and arrived at our beach house!  We were amazed when we pulled up!  The photos online didn't do the house justice!  Our home for the week was soo beautiful!  We reserved the south side of this duplex, which is the one where our van is parked.  The house was immaculate!  It had a full kitchen, a front porch that you can see with deck chairs, a garage, an outdoor hot/cold enclosed shower, a grill, a screened in back porch with a table and outdoor couch (the table made for a  wonderful place for all the kiddos to enjoy their meals!) and the best part? Four bedrooms with four bathrooms!  It was amazing, more than we could have ever imagined.  This was my first time ever staying in a house on the beach, so I didn't have any ideas what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised!

 The boys watched television in mine and Stephen's room while we all unpacked.  The girls gathered excitedly into their rooms to unpack!  They ended up sharing with the boys on their air matress in the floor, so it was neat that the room was big enough for all the kiddos to sleep!

 That night we all gathered in the living room for prayer and a devotion by my husband.  It was a blessed evening for us all to be together!  The six of us were accompanied by Stephen's Mom and stepdad, along with his sister Serena and her son Ellijah.  Her boyfriend Charles also joined our trip, with his two girls Emily and Erin.  This huge group of kiddos proved for one exciting beach trip!  So we began our trip!  Vastly outnumbered as we were lol!

Sunday we were all resting from being in the car with kiddos all day on Saturday, so we relaxed, enjoyed our house, grilled hot dogs and became beach bums for the day!

We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the beach house came equipt with tons of toys!  There were about ten boogie boards, adding to the ones we had brought along with us, two bikes, and a huge bucket of sand toys!  Also, we found a sunshade tent!   We thought that would be neat for Sawyer, but he was having way too much fun in the sand and water to bother with a tent.  By far, the most popular toy was the giant inflatable clown fish, first called Nemo then somehow changed to Leroy..  it was a BIG hit with all the kiddos!


The 'big kids' snuck off for some surf shop scouting, while the little kids stayed back with Nana and Paw and got the hot dogs ready to cook!

After the surf shops and after all the kiddos were happy and not hungry anymore, we dressed them and went back down to the ocean to take pics, we got a few good ones, as good as one may expect at their ages lol!  

We were all quite impressed with the quietness that was on the beach, it certainly wasn't crowded, and was very pleasant!!!  We were excited for the rest of the week !!!