Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emerald Isle Trip: Day Four

After the excitement of Cape Lookout the day before, we decided to spend the next day relaxing on the beach and being beach bums!  It was sooo perfect!  We had amazing weather!


The highlight of the day was the amazing boat that Charles and Serena found at the surf shop the day before!  It was sooo much fun!  I even got on the boat and Stephen pulled me and Callie out in the water.  That was seriously the first time I have played in the ocean since I became a Mommy, and oh my gosh I had so much fun!  There's no way I'd ever post pictures of me in the boat, but I'll share everyone else's lol!

Okay..  fine.

 See?  Clearly I'm not always a fun sucker lol.  I can have a little bit of fun!  :)  Loved that boat!

Some of the adults were sunburned, but the kiddos were just brown.  Go Parents!  Haha, no horrible sunburns to be found!  When we got back to the room after a full day (even lunch on the beach!) of sun, everyone was clearly tired..  so the boys napped...

And my girls made dinner!  Pasta bake, their specialty!  
After dinner, Charles and Serena were on their date, so Stephen and I took the bigger kiddos to the beach to find some seashells while Sawyer chilled in the room with Paw and Nana.

It was a fun evening! We all turned in a little early that night, excited about visiting Fort Macon in the morning.  It was a wonderful evening that God blessed us with!  I love the ocean...