Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Emerald Isle Trip Day 7


On Thursday as we were leaving the aquarium, I noticed a huge map on the wall pinpointing shipwrecks off of the Beaufort Inlet.  I am really fascinated by all of this, so I checked it out.  I had my little "geek" moment when I spotted one of the shipwrecks, the Queen Annes Revenge!  I freaked out and pointed it out to my hubby and Gary, who didn't know what it was, lol.  It was one of Blackbeards ships.  On the way home I did some reasearch and found out that in 2011 some of the recovered artifacts from the Queen Annes Revenge were brought to the North Carolina Maritime Museum in Beaufort!  So since Friday it was only us, Teresa and Gary, we headed off to the museum!

It proved to be the perfect day for museum visits because it poured rain all morning.  Heavy rain.  We found out after arriving back at the hotel that there were actually water spouts, which are pretty much tornados in the water, right offshore where we were at the time!  There was heavy flooding in the Beaufort area.  That was especially tragic when we found out Lacey had left her shoes at the house (how that happened I'll never know haha I guess she had a Stacy moment...) and my hubby had to walk up and down the streets to find a pair of flipflops for sale lol.  All in all, it was a great visit though!  

It was really fun discovering artifacts that were aboard such a ship!

This is a photo of a whale's heart!  The kiddos really enjoyed learning about the history of the North Carolina shores.  They also had a scavenger hunt that Lacey and Callie really enjoyed, and learned a lot about!  Hudson enjoyed looking at the shells, the ships and especially the exhibits about pirates!

              Lacey tripped so this photo was a complete accident, but I think it channels her inner Jack Sparrow, which was interesting while posing with Blackbeard lol!

Huddy enjoyed the computer that allowed him to design his own pirate flag!  Here's him designing, and the final product!

Leaving on Saturday was bittersweet.  We were all getting just a touch homesick, but a week had been the longest vacation we had ever taken.  It was so nice just to spend all our days together.  The children got some quality time with their grandparents and cousins, and we got to visit somewhere that me and the kiddos had never been before.  It was a wonderful vacation.  I fell in love with Emerald Isle, its my new favorite vacation destination.  We will return!