Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emerald Isle Trip 2014: Day Six

On Thursday we decided to visit the North Carolina State Aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores.  We were happily surprised when we found out we could get in for free because of my home school card!

*disclaimer:  I still have a home school card because I am home schooling Hudson this year, rather than sending him to kindergarten.  In case you were wondering...  more on that at another time!

We had never been to any aquarium other than Ripley's, but that is always an attraction that we look forward too, so we were excited to check it out!  
I loved the way they had it laid out in accordance with the state of North Carolina and the different sealife in those areas.  That was very neat to find native mountain fish too, and Callie knew what they were lol.  My sweet little outdoors gal.  


They LOVED it.  They were amazed by the sharks!

The kids loved the dive show.  The diver was writing questions for them on the board and showing them through the glass.  He was also playing tic tac toe.  They were having a ball!  

This was the first aquairum visit where Sawyer was big enough to enjoy it, and he seemed to enjoy it a lot!

And of course, my animated Miss Lacey had a lot of fun :)

There was a dinosaur exhibit, the kiddos loved it.  Before we left Hudson asked when he got to see a real dinosaur.  Miss judging his sensitivity I told him they had died several thousand years ago (thousand..  yes, thats what I said..  young earth creationist btw..  lol) and he was so upset he cried..  my poor sweet hearted baby!  He was fine after awhile though, but he did enjoy the exhibit!  

All in all, it was an amazing visit!  For the record, I do like Ripley's better..  but off the record, it was fun and we had some wonderful memories!!!

Serena and Charles were leaving that night, and we got back to the room pretty early from the aquarium, so we decided we would spend some time together on the beach before they had to go.
Stephen and Charles got in some more fishing time

After it got dark, Serena, Callie, Lacey and I went walking on the beach.  We had some good conversation, and honestly it was one of only a handful of times I've ever walked on the beach at night, well- a dark beach lol.  It was neat, and we got to see a crab lol.  It was really fast and naturally we couldn't take a picture in the dark, but I was excited to have gotten to see one, and for the girls too as well!

It was all waterworks when they left.  Callie cried so hard, she and Emily had became big buddies throughout the week, and she hated to see her go.  I'm so glad they got to take the time to spend together!