Sunday, August 3, 2014

Emerald Isle trip 2014: Day Five

This pic cracks me up!

 Nowadays, it seems strange to think that the coast of North Carolina would be threatened by any naval attacks, but back in the 18th and 19th centuries, that was not the case.  In those times the coast was vunerable to piracy as well as other attacks from surrounding countires, so Fort Macon was constructed.  Now it is restored and is a national park, and was an amazing (and free!) place to visit during our time in the outer banks!
  Fort Macon is in Beaufort, and it serves as a great war history museum.  It is fully restored and has many different and interesting exhibits, placed to seem as an actual manned fort.  IT was occupied in the Civil war when it was seized from the union by Robert E. Lee.  It was also occupied during the Spanish-American war before being made into the first official state park.  Then again, during World War II, it was occupied again by soldiers.  Talk about an amazing part of history to be a part of!

The children posed for a pic at the entrance!  Lacey poses with Robert E. Lee lol, and the other kiddos check out exhibits!

The museum was awesome, filled with lots of information about war history, animals on the coast and life during the Civil War Era.  However, the coolest part of Fort Macon lies past the heavy wooden museum doors!

The Fort is restored, and each of the rooms hold exhibits of different parts of the Forts history!  Its so neat to actually be standing on something, to be inside walls that have seen so much unfold, so many things change over time, and have held so many amazing soldiers!  It only felt right for the children to salute to the men who served there!!!

It was a wonderful trip and I believe the kids found it very interesting!  These were my two favorite things from exhibits..    One is a crucifix in a bottle made by a soldier.  The other is a menu from Thanks giving dinner!  

Fort Macon was amazing and we were all so glad that we went!  That night the kiddos settled in with the others to make Hamburger Helper, and it was mine and Hubby's turn for a date night!

We started looking for seafood places, yet we wanted something pretty casual, as we weren't about to dress up while on vacation, lol.  We stopped at a service station to ask a local where the best place was.  He wanted to send us to a place called the Crab Shack.  He said it was good, but we may need to call and make reservations.  Somehow, I got confused and asked siri to give me the number for Crab's Claw, (I think I had seen it on the menu before and just had it stuck in my head lol) so Stephen did.  He made reservations and she said it was casual but they stayed busy because they were an oceanfront restaurant.  He said he would like to make reservations for himself and the most beautiful woman in the world who he had been with for ten years lol.  So she said she had the perfect table for us.  We passed the crab shack but sense we had already made reservations we decided to see what this Crabs Claw was all about.
Oh, my goodness!  
The table was perfect, front and center on the deck overlooking the ocean!  It was beautiful!

We also had the best crab legs that I have ever had in my entire life, and I'm not even exaggerating a little bit!  It was amazing!  We finished it off with a dessert called a Shark Fin, which was basically a vanilla/chocolate swirled chunk of ice cream rolled in oreos and topped with chocolate fudge, on top of a brownie, also topped with chocolate fudge.  oh..  goodness.  It was amazing..  to be there with my sweet hubby, to get a chance to talk about imporatn decisions that we had to make..  it was an amazing evening!  I'm so thankful to have the chance to experience this with the man I'm so in love with!