Tuesday, July 8, 2014

God is So Good! An Update on Sawyer!!

  Thursday night I re-read my blog about our last visit to the ent as I asked others to pray for my sweet baby.  I cried because honestly it was So hard to read. To think about my little boy it hurt my heart, especially since our last visit was with the audiologist and not his doctor so I had no idea what kind of test he was about to have to endure.
  Obviously, his audiologist didn't have a very good idea either.

  We dropped the girls off at school.  Stephen and I went to my mother in laws and she offered to go and for us to take her vehicle which is far better in gas than the uplander.  It didn't take as long to get to Winston as we thought, so we decided upon getting there and seeing the absolute magnitude of Baptist hospital (if you've never been there I can't even begin to describe how big it really is!!) we decided to go ahead and make sure we were in the right place, check in and maybe grab some lunch.  
   We made our way to the speech and hearing part of the hospital after lots f twists, turns and several elevator rides.  We got to the window to check in and the lady mentioned him not eating? I said no, no one ever told us that he was being sedated.  Obviously that was an issue.  We came to find out that because it had been scheduled as a regular abr which can be done on babies 3 months and younger, we were supposed to be scheduled for a sedated abr.  when someone from our doctors office had caught that and called to change it, they had forgot to reschedule and forgot to tell me I assume.. So we weren't on the books.  Argh.  So they told us to have a seat while they figured out what to do.  

  After we let sawyer walk with us a few hundred laps around the hospital they called us to the window.  The doctor was there and asked us to come chat with her.  We went in the back and she checked him out and decided to do some tests.  She put the earbuds in.  His right ear measured great, which was consistent with the results they got from Dr Lehrs office.  The left ear was registering high pitches but not low.  She said that test could possibly be registering like that because he had hearing problems or possibly because there was an open tube because sometimes due to placement that can throw off the results as well.  So we ent to the booth.  
   For those who have never taken the booth test before, they put you in a booth with a chair in he middle and two speakers on the right and left.  Beside the speakers is a small dark box.  When the doctor speaks into the speakers or emits a noise, and the child turns to look at the noise the box lights up and has a toy in it that spins and makes a noise.  
  Sawyer has never done good at this test.  They tried it on his right ear several times, then she said something I had said a million times.  "I really think he is just ignoring me.  Based on the precious test he can hear great in his right ear but he doesn't turn.  I don't think it's a matter of him not hearing it as much as it is him just blocking it out."  Yes! I have said that over and over.  He lives in a house with three loud siblings!!! He blocks out a lot of noise!!! Thank you lol!
  Next she explained to us that it could be possible that he did have hearing loss, but if he did it was obviously only in ine ear. She said it would be easier to test once he was older and that she didn't like doing any sedated tests on babies unless it was absolutely necessary.  She then told us that even with him having issues with one ear, because he was doing so well in his right ear it would not affect his speech or development and that right how he seemed to be babbling appropropriately.  Whereas the ent had told me that he should be talking a little, which didn't make any sense because Callie wasn't talking at all that early and her speech was never delayed.  She made him an appointment in October to come back for another test just to see what happens once he can be a little more focused and is a little more used to the tubes.  But she said even if he does had problems some parents who have children with ear problems in one ear do nothing and the child never struggles at all with development issues. 
  Isn't God good!!!!

  God is so good! Thank you for the prayers.  I knew my little love could hear me I just knew it!!  Praise God!  We spent the rest of the day shopping around Hickory and Sawyer very much enjoyed his lunch at Steak N Shake... We had an amazing day, spending time, laughing and fellowshipping.  And Sawyer heard every single word of it :)

Photo credit goes to my Lacey :)