Monday, July 7, 2014


I wanted to share today's devotion with you all, I needed it today.  Maybe some of you did as well!

He sent forth his word and healed them; he rescued them from the grave.
Psalm 107:20

  While most of us have never experienced the bondage of demon posession like Mary Magdalene, many of us are just as bound.  Bound by bitterness and doubt.  Pride and fear and unbelief.  Even now, we stand with one foot in our prison cell while Jesus beckons us to walk out in freedom.  But we can't seem to figure out how to leave one life to enjoy the other.

   We simply don't understand how to live free.
   Sadly, it is possible for Christians to walk in and out of church Sunday after Sunday yet still live bound to the past by regret and shame.  Tormented by fear and worry about the future.  Shackled by frustration and discontentment. 
   We go through the motions of worship, sitting when we're supposed to sit and standing when we're supposed to stand.  Even singing when we're supposed to sing.  But the song on our lips never quite reaches our heart.  And because we secretly fear there is no other option, we settle for what we can get.  Religion.  Ritual.  A form of godliness without any power at all.  Borderland.
   Trapped between the no-longer and the someday.  Lost in the not-yet.
   Never even dreaming waht it would be like to live our lives in complete abandonment to God.
   Yet what Christ wants for every one of us is a holy makeover.  The same kind of transformation that made Mary Magdalene into a whole new person and launged her on an adventure she'd never regret.

(My devotion is called At the Feet of Jesus by Joanna Weaver)

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