Tuesday, June 24, 2014

8 Years and Counting!

Our first summer together, 10 years ago!!!

 In the fall of 2005, we lived in Vilas.  I was still going to school at App and Stephen was working in Boone.  He woke me up one morning and told me he was going to bring me breakfast in bed.  He just kept cooking, pancakes..  eggs, bacon, it was crazy and the food just kept coming.  I was a little confused on why he was being so nervous, and cooking so much lol.  After he brought the last thing to me, he came back in and said he had something he needed to say, that he had it all planned out but was too nervous, so he was just going to say it.  He knelt beside the bed and asked me to be his wife..  and of course, I said yes!      

Valentines day 2005

And now, a blast from anniversaries past!!!

Our 1st anniversary..  Stephen cutting our frozen cake top from our wedding.  lol.  Probably should have let it thaw out a little bit!  Living in Spruce pine and just getting the hang of this marriage thing... lol

2nd Anniversary, our picnic at Linville falls with all our family and friends!  And celebrating with our little girls..  how in the world did they grow up so fast!

3rd Anniversary!  2009, one and a half months after Hudson was born!!! Getting ready to go out on the town for the first time since the new baby got here, and SUPER excited!  

5th Anniversary, 2011!  I remember this one!  We went to see Water for Elephants and to Applebees.  :)  I'm not sure why I remember that one, it was especially great for me.

I took this photo of our wedding rings in 2010  :)  

Honeymooning at Myrtle Beach in 2006!

I loved you then...
I love you still.
I always have.
I always will.