Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Man

This picture makes me smile.

It makes me smile because this is the man that God knew he was going to be. This is the man that his grandma always told me he was going to be even though I laughed a little when she said it. The man that I started dating didn't even resemble this man.. the man I was dating was running, fast and hard in the other direction, away from his calling... that man was not there for his children, he was not a hard worker.. he had a kind heart but he tried to hide it so well.. that man was not the man you see in the picture.

You see, five years ago God took this man and put him in the worst place in his life.. where he was about to loose everything that ever meant anything to him. He took me away, he took our kids away, he took his freedom away, his respectability. But right when it seemed right to go, God beckoned me to stay, because he said he had BIG plans for this man. God took his life at that point and turned it around, and he slowly started walking back in the other direction.

In this photo, my husband was preaching on the Prodigal son, because he saw himself as the prodigal son. A man who walked as fast and as far away from God as he saw possible, but when he needed to return, his father was waiting there for him with open arms.

This man is my husband. He is an amazing father. He is the best husband a wife could ever ask for. He is a preacher, and he loves God with all of his heart and soul, and wants the entire world to know that. Not only has God restored everything he thought he had lost, he has restored it in abundance. We have a new little person now, a son. Stephen could not be more proud. God is good, always good, and if you're one of those people waiting for someone to change.. keep praying, keep loving them, and keep believing in them. This is my husband.. and I'm so proud of him.