Friday, March 17, 2017

Thoughts on Gatsby

  It's no surprise to anyone that I have a great love for classic literature.  You know, the stuff they forced you to read in your high school english class?  You may not know that I originally began college with full intentions of becoming and English teacher.  Before it was over I had sold out those dreams to journalism to obtain a Bachelor of Science rather than art degree.  All because I wanted to graduate faster, and didn't want to pursue any more foreign languages.  Oh, how youth is wasted on the young, right?
   Sometime in my late 20s I fell in love with classic literature, and that's what I've been reading the past few years.  I finished Gone with the Wind last month, and during the time I was patiently awaiting the arrival of Scarlett from Thriftbooks I picked up Gatsby, a short novel and a quick and easy read from what I remembered.   I wasn't disappointed, and I was really intrigued by the things that of course, my high school mind didn't pick up on the first time I read Gatsby all those years ago.

   Something that stuck out to me that I deemed blog worthy was the ending.  *Spoiler Alert!* If there's anyone in the whole wide world that hasn't read Gatsby, watched one of the movies, or at least read your Sparknotes for your 9th grade English class, stop reading now!  LOL.  Hey, there may be one person in the world still yet that doesn't know how The Great Gatsby ends!  If you do know, please continue with me :)

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Thankful Thursdays

I'm joining It's a Small Town Life for Thankful Thursday this week!

This Thursday I'm joining a new linkup, which is Thankful Thursdays!  
      One of the most important parts of my prayer life is my gratitude journal. I find that if I go into prayer first by thanking God for all of the things that he has done for me that it enhances my prayer life.  So today I wanted to take a moment and share with everyone what I am thankful for!

   This week I'm thankful for my husband.  We are going on a very special vacation next week, and last time I was on this vacation I didn't have him with me.  We were married, but our marriage was broken and hurt.  I remember watching the Disney parade and looking at the families standing nearby.  I had sunglasses on so no one noticed me cry, I sat there with my children, babies at the time, and looked at those families longing to have that.  I never thought I would be there again..
   Next week I'll be there once more with a man that God has taken and completely transformed.  My husband is now the man that I prayed he would become, and more.  He is an amazing husband and father, and a spiritual leader on top of that.  Now we are all going together, and we have more kids in tow this time!  Our life has changed 100 percent since that day I sat alone on the sidewalk.  It makes me emotional to think about it, but this year, he will be by my side, with my baby on his shoulders.  I have to remember my sunglasses, because I know I'm going to cry..  but these tears will be happy ones!  
   I'm thankful that today, I have the things that yesterday I prayed for.
   I'm so thankful for the life he has given me.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday!

 It's Happy Homemaker Monday  over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom!!

The weather
   We actually had snow this weekend.  It literally snowed for about two hours before it stopped.  By 3 (which felt so much earlier!) it was 47 and everything was melted.  It was nice for a change, but I think (hope!) we have a little warmer weather this upcoming week!

On my reading pile:::
  This list hasn't changed much since last week, I'm a slow reader and haven't finished any fo these!
Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds, by Jen Wilkin
Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: by Crystal Paine
and The Great Gatsby, by Fitzgerald :)  You knew that!
   This week I'm also reading the study guide from Crystal Paine, because I'm Making over my Evenings in case you didn't read!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Tea Cup and Mug Exchange

Today is the last day to sign up for the tea cup exchange over at The Enchanting Rose!
This is our first year participating in this and I'm so excited!  So I wanted to share with all of you!!!
What a wonderful way to meet new friends!  Sign up today!!!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hands-On Ancient History with Project Passport

     In all of our history of homeschooling, which comes to a total of about six years (Wow! How did that even happen!) we have focused primarily on American History. If I'm going to be honest with you, it's because that is simply what is in my comfort zone. It's a far smaller span of time to study than the ancient civilizations, and in all honesty, it's what I learned the most about in my education. However, we are certainly coming to the end of our American history lessons, and as my kids get older they become more fascinated and curious about other areas of the world. So I think it's safe to say it's time to revamp our history curriculum to give them a broader view of the world around us!

    We have done a lot of dry curriculum. I really wanted to try something different. My kids are very hands-on learners, which is why so many of our curriculum choices work so well! However, I'm not great at planning and putting things into words myself, and need a good curriculum that's capable of basically drawing it all out for me. I love it when it takes the work away and tells me exactly what to do. Especially with multiple homeschoolers on different grade levels, it's important that I have enough time to dedicate to each learner. So this is what I was looking for as I began my search for some sort of world history program.

    When we were given the opportunity to try and review the Ancient Greece project from Homeschool in the Woods, I was just as excited as my kids were about stepping outside of my comfort zone to learn about something completely new to us! Where better to start in world history than at the very beginning, learning about ancient civilizations! So we received the hands-on Project Passport: Ancient Greece, and we were ready to begin!
disclaimer: I was given the product for free in exchange for an honest review of the product itself! However that did not affect my response written about the product. It really is amazing!!  Post also includes affiliate links!

Making over my Evenings

   At the beginning of the year, I resolved to change so many things that I had been wanting to change for a long, long time.  All of those things revolve around being intentional, because if you do anything intentionally you will do it better, that is just a fact.
   I had went back and forth some time trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge and purchase the Make Over your Mornings course by Crystal Paine.  I had heard about this pretty much since I began reading blogs years ago.  I had heard so many bloggers who had taken this course and loved it.  I was reluctant, I wasn't even sure I could commit to finishing it..  but finally I made the decision and purchased it.  Best. Decision.  Ever.  Honestly.  You can read my entire journey through this course here.   It did more than just make over my mornings.  This course taught me to be dilligent and self-disciplined.  Something that years of not having to get up and be anywhere at a specific time has unfortunately slowly dwindled down in me.  I wondered why it was so hard for us to be anywhere on time..  and found that it was simply because I was honestly just out of practice.  At the end of the program I found myself far more disciplined, and much more at peace with my life.  It changed everything!
   Unfortunately, as amazing and life-changing as January was, February was full of sickness for my family.  I fell out of habit, and landed flat on survival mode again.  After knowing how nice it is to be in control of your life, its even harder just to survive.
   Thankfully, I do still have the Make over your Mornings course, and I fully intend to go over it again..  but first, I've decided to take on a new course, and I'm SO excited about doing it, and sharing it with you guys!!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday 3/6/17

So this weekend as I was sorting out my linky party list, I came across a new Linky party on Mondays that I'm going to try hard to be consistent to join!  It's Happy Homemaker Monday  over at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom, and I'm so excited to begin this linkup!  

The weather
   Lately it has felt like March.  I say that because February certainly didn't feel like February.  It was unseasonably warm for a good part of the month.  Today it's March, its around 42 and its raining, which is fabulous.  I love rainy days!  They make good especially for Monday, to stay in and set our minds back into the mindset of learning, reading good books, and just being at home.  We have had a couple of long days last week, visiting back home, dental appointments and spring cleaning!  Now that all of that is ironed out we are back to the grind with school for a few weeks.  How perfect a rainy day fits into that schedule!

On my reading pile:::
   For our Bible study with the ladies here on campus I am reading Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds, by Jen Wilkin and soaking up every ounce of it!  I'm also readingSay Goodbye to Survival Mode: by Crystal Paine.  I just loved her Make over your Mornings course so so so much that I totally jumped on board.  I love how she writes and challenges you to set goals through her writing!!  Also, since I absolutely have to be reading something fiction at all times, and I'm also a junkie for classical literature, I'm also reading The Great Gatsby, which needs no introduction whatsoever :)