Monday, June 4, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday! 6/4/18

We did it!!!
We have completed another school year!  I'm sooo happy!  I'm also pretty happy with the test scores, and so so so proud of my kiddos!  I'm ready to have a summer to plan for next year, and just to enjoy my kiddos!  So without further ado, here's the first summertime Happy Homemaker Monday!  Thanks for hosting, Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom

The weather.....

   Last week was humid and very, very hot!  This week it seems much better with the weather in the low to mid 80s.  This morning it felt PERFECT in every way!  Hoping to get a beach day in this week since last week was too wet to go to the beach!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Diary of a Weight Loss Journey: Allowing God to be a part of your story

   I've been reading an Oswald Chambers devotion, "My Utmost for his Highest", and I've loved it.  Yesterday's devotion really spoke to my heart, and rang about something that's been on my heart and mind so much lately, so I really needed to share it on here!

"Where there is no revelation (Or prophetic vision) the people cast off restraint...." Proverbs 29:18

Monday, May 21, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday

Good morning ya'll!
I can't get over how fast time is passing by...  it didn't happen that way when I was younger!
It's almost JUNE.  How did that even happen??  
I'm unfortunately counting down the days to July when my sister and her family come to visit.... but trying not to wish my life away at the same time!  Wrapping up stuff with school for the year, and trying to buckle down on some review before we test the first week in June...  
I've also reached a milestone in my weight loss journey, if you've been following!  Last week was a great week for that!  So its been busy...  very busy!  
But I'm taking a moment to check in with Happy Homemaker Monday!
Linking up with Sandra at Diary of a Stay at Home Mom with Happy Homemaker Monday!!!

The weather.....
It's been hot and rainy! That's a bad combination because it leads to some miserable humidity.  It never down poured on us like everyone thought that it would however.  Which was fantastic, because the kids trampoline got here on Thursday and they've been able to enjoy it everyday since!  It's also amazing to see the corn sprouting up in the fields around us!  It seems we've had the perfect amount of rain for them to begin to flourish!  God has been good!  Praying hard for a semi-clear day tomorrow, since my daughter has her orthodonist appointment we are hoping to get in a beach day before memorial day weekend when the beach starts filling to the brim with tourists until September.  Which is okay, we like people and appreciate the revenue.... we just like a quiet beach just as much!

Saturday, May 19, 2018

My Fun Recipe Book and Meal Planner!

   Hi friends!!!!
    One of my biggest issues has always been meal planning.  I'm just downright no good at it sometimes.  One of my biggest goals is to get better at meal planning.  It has so many advantages across the board.  It keeps you from throwing things together last minute that aren't healthy.  It saves on the grocery budget big time, by keeping in check what you buy and what you don't buy.  It also helps just to keep things from being too chaotic at home.  I've finally found a fun way to keep all of my favorite recipes on hand, and incorporate meal planning into it as well, and wanted to share that with you today!

    First we start with our planner!!!  I personally like disc bound planners because they are so easy to customize!  This is simply the Staples Arc Customizable Notebook System 9 x 6.5.  These are completely customizable!  You can find them at staples, and it comes apart piece by piece.  You can purchase different discs, more pages, different covers...  etc.  They really are fantastic!  I have this one and some of the bigger ones that I keep my study notes in!  If you get really into this planner too, (Like I did, obviously...) you can also even purchase a Staples Arc Desktop Paper Punch.  This helps you to make your own sheets for the planner!  I absolutely love these planners!  You can get some of the things on Amazon, or slip into a Staples store and you can find lots more!  Disc bound planners really are amazing, and you'll see why during this post!

Friday, May 18, 2018

Self-Care, and my favorite Essential Oils!

   I really put myself on the backburner for years.  Years and years.  Honestly, until my husband and I started visiting the doctor when we finally had insurance in January, I really didn't even realize just how much I wasn't caring for myself.  Back in April, I started posting weigh in blogs and started to wonder what it was really like to take care of myself.  I had spent years caring for little ones.  My little ones are not so little anymore..  as a matter of fact, my 'baby' is five years old, and very self-sufficient.  I started to look around and see that I had a few more moments in the day..  and decided I should do something magnificent...  take care of myself!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Weight loss Diary: Sometimes its just hard...

   Hey guys!  I'm trying to be completely open and honest with everyone reading my blog about this journey that I'm on right now.  And to be really honest with you, I just need to take a moment to say today...
   Sometimes, this is SO hard!
   Sometimes you look back on how hard you are working....  on how many sweets you've passed up and how well you've done..  and oh.  Ohhhh those grueling hours on the treadmill...  and to look at the numbers on the scale, it just doesn't seem motivating!  It's so hard!  I remember all those years ago when I took the diet pills..  the weight just fell off, and you know what- it wasn't hard at all!  I dropped something along the lines of 30 lbs in a month and a half, and it wasn't hard even a little bit!  I took the pill, and the weight went away.  It wasn't hard!
   But a couple of months after I stopped taking the pill, I gained all of that weight back, and then some.  
   So no, it wasn't hard.  But it wasn't life-changing either.  And it didn't change my life...   it changed my weight for a brief moment in time...  and then I went right back where I was.
   Today I was on the treadmill, sweating and trying to pull out some sort of motivation..  when I looked up, I saw this picture in front of me...

Monday, May 14, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday! 5.14/18

Hello there!  I'm joining this week over at Dairy of a Stay at Home Mom for one of my favorite
 link-ups!   Hope this finds you all doing well!
It was a fantastic Mother's day weekend!  My Mom visited and it was so nice to have her 
here with me!  This is my first Mothers day a few hundred miles away from home, so it was such a blessing that she could be here by my side!  We had a great beach day on Friday, a wonderful birthday party for my boy on Saturday, and a blessed Sunday at church where my husband preached an awesome Mothers day message!  So I consider it an amazing day, and consider myself so very blessed!  So without further ado, Happy Homemaker Monday guys!

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....
Hot!  LOL but I'm not complaining!  It was in the 90s over the weekend which made for a great beach day and a nice pool day on Saturday and Sunday after church!  I think I'm starting to look at least a little bit less pale!  That's ALWAYS a good thing!     

Right now I am....
Writing my post way later than usual!  This morning started off with a bang.  We have a few loose ends to tie up to finish up school for the rest of the year!  We are winding down and looking very forward to being all finished up and having some time off for the summer...